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Serval Kitten Care
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Servals and Children
I do not see any reason to be overly alarmed with older Children that are raised with a Serval, as long as the Serval grows up with them from a kitten. New born babies are a no-no around Serval kittens as well as any other large animal. Serval kittens will see a new born human baby as a toy, and may bite, swat or pounce on the baby (just like any other young animal could possibly do). The last thing you need is to have your new kitten drag your baby around the house like a dead mouse. If you have a newborn baby, do not have your Serval out around it unless the baby is in someone's arms and secured.. even then make sure to pay attention to what is happening. Older kids should be fine depending on how well the kids are with animals and depending on the tolerance level of the cat.

One question to ask yourself is, are you planning on having more kids in the future... and if so, maybe you want to hold off on getting a Serval until after you have all of your children at an age that is safe both the child and the Serval. This is another reason to have a proper set up, using a spare room as a cat room, with a secure dog run attached to it. Think about this before calling me, I do not want to see any of my animals re-homed or going to rescues, which is bad for the cat and also bad for the hobby as well. Most Servals will not rehome well, they bond to one family and will be scared of a new family. Taking a cat out of your home, and putting it into a situation where it will be miserable for the rest of its life in unacceptable!

Servals playing
Serval kittens using me as a cat tree.
At least they were warm to snuggle with!

Purchasing your new pet Serval.
My pricing for my bottle raised Serval kittens are $4000 each. These are kittens that are pulled from their mothers before their eyes open, put on the bottle and raised with only human contact once they are put on the bottle to ensure very tame, loving Serval kittens that will grow up to be a good pets for right people.

I require a deposit for anyone to be placed onto my waiting list for bottle raised Serval kittens, with Serval litters being born winter to spring of each year. Once the cats are available, I will contact all the prospective buyers. I will require that all funds including shipping if applicable to be paid no later than 10 days before the planned ship date of any Serval. I also require this for most pick ups. In many cases this is due to the Serval cats being produced off site and all expenses must be covered before I will release them as well as me making sure that all funds are free and clear before I release any Serval or any other animal I sell. I will provide references to help reassure unsure buyers, before they make an investment.



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