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Serval Kitten Care
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Serval are more prone to spray than domestic cats are, some will and some won't. Altering your Serval will help reduce this, but may not be 100% effective. This is something to be aware of, stock up on vinegar to clean up accidents and have a cat room planned. If occasional spraying turns you off, please do not get a Serval, the same can be said for other potty accidents.

In place of a standard cat meow, you may hear a shrill chirp come out of your Servals mouth. When showing affection, your Serval kitty will still purr, rub his head against you for affection and kneed as traditional cats will do. Some Serval will allow strangers to pet them, while others will be less interested in being social. I would of course use extreme caution when allowing a stranger to touch any exotic animal... accidents can result in the destruction of your Serval cat... and also impact our hobby as a whole.

Serval Sock VIdeo
Click the photo of the Serval playing with the sock to watch a short Serval video.

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