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Serval Kitten Care
Page 2
Updated 1/05/12

Serval cats are a wild species of cat, frequently used to create hybrid cats called Savannah's and at times, you will see unscrupulous breeders scamming unsuspecting buyers and selling Serval kittens as high dollar premium Savannah cats. There is nothing wrong with owning a Serval as a pet, but you should know that you are buying a Serval and pay Serval prices versus having the cat misrepresented as something else to unsuspecting buyers.


First and foremost, a Serval is not a domesticated cat.. these are exotic pets, wild animals. It will exhibit behavior that is not standard house cat behavior. (an animal can be as tame as tame can be, but still not be domesticated. Domestic means that the animals genetics and behavior are controlled by man). Litter box use is not something that Serval automatically know how to use like standard house cats do. Momma Serval doesn't show her kittens how to use a litter pan, that's your job. Over time, you will train your Serval to use a litter pan but there will be plenty of accidents over time with most Servals, although many Servals are great with using a litter box.

Serval Kitten Playing
This is a recent Serval kitten playing.

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