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Serval Kitten Care
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Serval Diet

Your Serval kitten will be started on raw ground turkey with powdered dry iams cat food mixed into the meat. I freeze my meat and thaw it in the microwave before I allow any Serval to eat it, to reduce the chance of a Serval kitten getting sick from bacteria in the raw meat. Within a short time, your Serval kitten will be able to chow down on whole iams kibble taking the place of the powdered kibble.

For adult Servals, you have a few options. But I have not been too impressed by the Mazuri wild canid diet, the feedback that I've gotten seems to indicate that it is a waste of money. I would recommend using a premuim cat food kibble such as IAMS or Orijin (75% meat based) and leave it at that. Do not feed only raw meat, it does not have everything your cat needs to thrive. Your kitten will be eating a 50% ground turkey and 50% ground up dry cat food mixutre for some time. Offer dry kibble as well. Canned cat foods equal loose stools... steer clear of them. Once your Serval is older, they should tolerate just dry kibble... but some will turn their nose up at it unless it is mixed with the meat.


Serval eating raw meat
Click Photo of Serval Eating to Watch Video

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