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Serval Kitten Care
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Housing your Serval

Most people that own Servals keep them as house pets, while a few do house their Servals in outdoor only enclosures. I would recommend that everyone that purchases a Serval to set up a cat room with a tile floor with an attached dog kennel or run with the top secured. This will allow a Serval safe place where you can house your Serval cat during the day when you are at work that can not be damaged by Serval. Any potty accidents can be wiped up, in addition your Serval can use the outdoor kennel that is attached to the cat room via a doggy door in your wall or window to burn off some of his excess Serval energy.

Most of the horror stories you will read about Servals trashing a persons house will be from naive people that did not prepare for the cat properly. A cat room is a must for all Servals, it is not an option! Same with the kennel!

Wild Serval
This is one of my wild caught, Serval breeders.

You can house your Serval like any other house cat, but under NO CIRCUMSTANCE DO YOU EVER LET YOUR SERVAL CAT or KITTEN HAVE FREE ROAM OUTSIDE unless it is in an escape proof kennel or run. For most people, this is common sense... for others, no matter what I preach they'll do what they want and risk the welfare of the cat and the hobby as a whole. Please use common sense, you can not let a Serval or any other wild cat run around outdoors unless on a leash accompanied by you or in a secure kennel or cat run.

During the day, when you can not watch your Serval cat or kitten, ensure that windows and doors are not left open (cat room is really a must here folks). Make sure Screens are secured, Serval are fully capable of pushing them out of place. I'd hate to see you spend $4000 for a Serval only to have it get lost. Further more, I'd hate to have a pet Serval end up ran over, shot or find its way to a shelter where they may end up euthanizing it matter what your wishes are.

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