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Serval Kitten Care
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Serval Health

I'll expand on this subject in good time, but for now I want to go over the basics. Your Serval can be vaccinated just like a normal cat, but only use KILLED VIRUS vaccinations or you will have a dead cat. There is some debate as to whether or not vaccinations may increase the mortality rate of the Serval cat.. for which I plainly state… if you do not have to vaccinate… don't. For any Serval that may come into contact with a non-vaccinated cat or animal, you do not have a choice, you must take the risk and vaccinate your Serval since the risk is to high not to do so.

Serval kittens are not graceful, they are klutzes. You need to ensure they can not hurt themselves while they learn how to jump and land. A kitten can break a toe, wrist bone, or even a leg from jumping from a sofa or cat tree if he lands wrong. If you can't keep an eye on the kitten, put him in a large dog crate or a cat room until you are able to keep an eye on him. Broken toes are not a big deal, but broken legs are... sometimes requiring the bone to be pinned with a surgery costing as much as $1500. Save yourself some grief, and money... keep an eye on your kitten to prevent as much of this as possible. If your kitten does hurt a leg during play, make sure to prevent him from jumping off of anything, he is going to be more prone to hurt himself if he has a leg that he can't put his full weight on.

Serval Playing Video
Click this Serval Photo to watch a video of a Serval kitten playing


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