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short tailed  opossum

Supplemental Foods:
Fruits: apples, peaches, grapes, oranges, bananas, cantaloupe, etc. They are fond of sweet, soft, juicy fruits.

Vegetables: Your STO may consume soft, wet veggies. It is my experience that the harder veggies are usually not eaten as well as the softer, wetter foods.

Live Food: As mentioned above, Crickets, mealworms, waxworms, SuperWorms, small earthworms, grasshoppers and other insects are relished by STO's as well as an occasional Pinky mouse.

I plan on buying a Short Tailed Opossum, what do I need in order to house one properly?
Here is a basic list of what you will need to buy in order to be able to properly house your new Short Tailed Opossum baby.

1. 10 gallon aquarium with an escape-proof screen with clips
2. Water bottle: not to big, make sure it has a good flow to it
3. Bedding (I know of a case where Aspen bedding was fatal, pine has been used by me with no problems, corn cobs would be the safest bedding to use)
4. Hideaway like a small box, arched log, straw "Roll-a-Nest", etc.
5. Branches, rope, reptile vine or bird ladders to climb around on
6. 2 feed dishes (one for moist fruit, one for dry food)
7. Small animal litter box (if you decide that you want him litter trained)
8. Hamster Wheel (yes, he'll use it if he is provided with one, consider buying a safer glider wheel or hedgehog wheel)


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Short Tailed Opossum Care and Info
The Short-tailed Opossum happens to be a somewhat new animal to the pet trade. They are about 6.5 (a little bigger than a Gerbil) inches long, and look similar to a shrew. They are gray to a tannish blonde in color, and they are thought to live for about 8 years, possibly longer with proper diet.

It is important for them to have a temperature of about 75 degrees Fahrenheit to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Temperatures lower than 70 degrees can cause death. Opossums are very solitary animals and should be kept alone. Even when breeding, the pair can be left together for no more than 14 days, and should be under constant supervision. Short Tailed Opossums can learn to use a litter box. They normally go to the bathroom in one corner of their cage, at which you simply place a litter box at said spot and your STO should use it.

When first obtained, Short Tailed Opossums may be easily startled until they become acclimated to their environment. When handling your new Opossum, slowly place your hand into the cage as to not startle your new pet. While Opossums have acute hearing, a super sensitive sense of smell, their vision is very poor which may cause them to be startled when first placing your hand in the cage, sometimes causing them to bare their teeth at you. Approach your Opossum with a slow hand, allowing it to sniff your hand, at this your Opossum will then usually allow you to handle it. Even the most aggressive Opossum that bears his teeth and vocalizes warnings when first approached by a human hand, quickly tames within a few days after gentle, consistent handling.

Once a bond is established, Short Tailed Opossums will readily accept fruits and insects from their owner's hands, sleep in your shirt pocket while watching television, and calmly sit in the palm of your hand while you watch television. At times, your Opossum may give your hand a gentle nudge with his nose; this usually is his way of telling you to stop doing what ever you are currently doing to him, although it may be interpreted differently under different circumstances.

Opossums should be fed a high-quality Hedgehog food like Mazuri, Avico Insectivore Diet or Brisky Brand Opossum food (NOT CAT FOOD), along with fruits, veggies, and insects like crickets, grasshoppers, small earthworms, mealworms or their favorite food... waxworms. My Short Tailed Opossums have also been very keen on eating Primate biscuit softened by soaking in warm water. I do this while the mother is pregnant since Primate Biscuit is high in protein.

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Short Tailed Opossums Coming Soon: I will be offering STO for $100 each. Pick up in IL or shipping via American Airlines (shipping costs must be added to the order, you are better off picking up).


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