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Exotic Pets… What's the Big Deal ?

So what's all the buzz over exotic pets and exotic animals? Why can't people be happy with having a dog, cat or hamster? Aren't exotic animals dangerous? These are all questions that everyone involved in the exotic pet lifestyle face every day of our lives.


Many Animal Rights Groups that we are all familiar with, none of which deserve being mentioned by name… would like us to think that it is cruel to keep any animal as a pet. It's their right to believe this, and voice out their opinion just as much as it is our right to raise exotic animals… RESPONSIBLY.

When you consider bringing in any exotic pet into your home… or as far as that's concerned, any pet… you need to make sure that the animal is a good fit for your living conditions thus all of the animals needs can be met. Case in point, we've all heard the news story of the tiger being kept in an apartment… this is not safe nor right to the animal.


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