Ken's Exotics Payment Policy:
Typically I accept only one form of payment for large orders, direct bank-to-bank wire transfers (NO western union will be accepted for fraud concerns). The reason I do this is that any fraud that is committed using bank funds across state lines is a federal offense, which is enforced by the FBI. This encourages all parties to stay honest!

Please never send money via western union, my bank will not accept these payments nor should you ever trust a dealer requiring one since the payment cannot be traced. Bank to bank transfers are traceable, your bank will have your personal info as well as my bank having my own personal info which can be used by authorities in case of fraud.

Deposits to be placed on a waiting list can be in check form since I will have plenty of time for these to clear the bank (14 days) before an animal is shipped or picked up. In the case of import deposits, a check must clear before the animal is held for any buyer at which point the import papers will be filed.

"No animal" will be held until funds are received in my hands and clear my bank, this is another reason I usually require bank wire transfers.

Some animals can be paid in cash when picked up although a minimum deposit of 20% is required to secure all sales before a pick up will be scheduled. I will let you know if this is an option, otherwise I require payment in full including all shipping fee's (if any) 10 days before the scheduled delivery date. This ensures that all funds are free and clear before any flight is scheduled and paid for by me. If you have any questions on payment please call me and I will explain.

About Ken's Exotics
I have been breeding and selling exotic animals for on and off for about 10 years, stopping for a while after a divorce. I take my business very seriously, after all my real name is behind it and my reputation means everything to me. I am USDA licensed, and offer references, as well as I have started posting feedback from customers with the intent to help people ensure that I am legit.

My biggest rule is to never force an animal on a buyer, and try my best to help my customers understand what animals are compatible with their lifestyle and which animals are not good fits as best as I can. This isn't always possible, but I try to feel out my customers as best as I can if I think they do not know much about the animals they are asking about. I do not want to stick any animal in a home that is not prepared for the HUGE responsibility of exotic pet ownership.

No animal should ever be purchased for the cool factor or cute factor! Period! It's ok to think an animal is cute, but this should not be the basis of your purchase alone… educate yourself on the behavior characteristics, housing requirements, aggressive nature, etc. of the animal as best as possible before purchase.

Kinkajou and Coutimunda are not good fits for small children and can cause harm to a small kid, and visa versa. These are for adults, or possible adult supervised and extremely responsible teens only. Keep all animals away from small children, pets are for older kids that have learned to be responsible… and should be started on small animals not large exotics.

My 2 Cents on Primates for Pets
Yes, I will offer primates for pets at times. A few make good or decent pets, others make horrible pets for most people. And for some people, none are a good fit. Bush Babies are pretty good for most people but they are still allot of work. Otherwise you're dealing with animals that can be very aggressive, destructive, never potty train and are very sexual in nature (think about it folks, not too fun to watch or clean up)... is this really what you consider to be desirable for a pet? I do see people with primates that are very happy with them, but they are not usually keeping them as house pets per say. Think first, research, do some more thinking and then look into buying. And remember, every Monkey bites!

Deposits and Ken's Exotics
Any deposit that is paid to Ken's exotics is taken to secure an animal for the customer which paid the deposit. I have two types of deposits... one for waiting on upcoming litters or sourcing animals which must be honored up to 360 days (1 year) from the point that the funds are received by us unless otherwise noted on the invoice provided.

To secure a sale, a 20% deposit must be put down on the price of an animal to secure your animal. The remaining funds are due 10 days before delivery, via a bank to bank wire transfer unless otherwise agreed to before the initial deposit is accepted. I will not release any animals until all funds clear my bank. If you refuse to pay the remaining funds in full or pay for the shipping fees I will not hesitate to void the transaction which will result in the security deposit being kept by me or the animal owner that I may happen to be representing.


Where do imported animals come from?
I pull captive bred animals from various facilities across the globe, and some times on rare occasions offer a few wild caught (very rarely) specimens. Most of the time, I will import only on demand per a customer request, once a deposit has been placed on an animal. I will require that the remaining funds on any animal be paid and clear my bank 10 day before the animal is due to be shipped. This allows me time to ensure that I have been paid and allows me to make sure all parties involved are covered. I'll never do a COD order for any imports, do not ask.

How long does it take for an imported animal order to be delivered?
Most of the time, any animal or group of animals that are imported will arrive 30-60 days after papers have been filed. Typically, it usually runs at 45 days, but expect 60 days to be safe. Some animals may require a USDA mandated quarantine period before they can be released. Although these animals will be in a USDA quarantine facility during this period, you will have paid for them in full at this point, and they are at that point your property. We do not insure any animal in quarantine or otherwise.

Sometimes there will be delays such as airlines not shipping due to weather or CITES putting temporary hold on a shipment while they clear up any problems with papers, etc. Any delays that happen are considered part of the process, although they usually are not the norm. If you experience delays you are still responsible for taking owner ship of the shipment, once you pay on these animals you must take delivery of them. If a shipment is ever denied for what ever reason, and returned to the point of origin I would refund all parties involved (rare, but I still need to state this). Under the off chance that something happens to an animal while waiting to be delivered, I have the option to replace it or refund it at my discretion.

Broker or Breeder?
I breed some of my animals, and I broker the rest. Brokering means that I represent specific parties that have established a relationship with me over the years. I will NOT EVER divulge my sources exact identity... this would be suicide for me, many customers would then try to go around me to attempt to make contact with the selling facility. Other than securing my sources, this also protects the identity of some sellers that do not want to sell directly into retail for varying reasons.

When is the last time your pet shop told you who he buys your pet hamster or fish from? That's right, never! This is for the same reason, you don't hand out your distributors contact info when selling retail. Or hand out names of your accounts when brokering merchandise into retail channels (see, it's was my other career but Ross still keeps customer feedback with my name on the site).

All animals come from USDA licensed facilities.

Do you warranty the animals?
No, I do not offer a warranty on any animals.I do not make any guarantee's or warranty of any kind due onto the nature of the hobby. Exotic animals require a different level of care than a typical puppy or cat, I will not put my neck on the line for someone's mistake. Animals must pass a vets health inspection before being shipped out… even animals being picked up on location will have a health certificate for this reason.

Need more info on any exotic pet? Call me or email me at: due to too many people with lack of common sense that call me at 2am, contact me via email only at : EMAIL ME AND I WILL PROVIDE MY PHONE NUMBER IN MY EMAIL.


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