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"Howdy Ken , B... here , i had gotten the wallaby's from you last year and there doing great , i was wondering if you have or ever have any ........[edited]........ hope your doing well this year . talk soon"
-B.H 3/22/2010

"Ken, We are very satisfied with our serval and he is a great addition to our family. We have gotten to spend a lot of bonding time with him and he could not be more loving, affectionate, or playful!"
- M.A 8/24/10


Serval lying on bed
Still doing good
- T.C 2/28/11

Customer Testimonials and Reviews
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On the following pages, you will see feedback sent back to me from my customers. In some cases I will post video that I edit from raw footage sent to me, other times I will post video or links to video that a customer provides me in full. The purpose of posting this feedback is to allow my customers to know what they are getting and whom they are dealing with before they commit to any purchase with me. Enjoy! - Ken Walker

"Goliath (now Jabari) had his vet visit yesterday, all went well. Heart, lungs, etc all checked out fine. He remains a happy, active boy, working on befriending the other cats through a glass door.... (edited) Thanks so much for him... "- D. B 2/5/09
His Serval is a prime example of what to expect. Here is the video of Jabri...


"Thank you Ken, New baby girl doing Absolutely wonderful
Not a single hiss At a human Did hiss at my pig. :)
She eats a lot
She is a lover
Again a trillion Thanks"
- N.J 6/2010

"Thanks again ken,thing are goin awesome,im very happy,im going to go with Bobo,appropriate name shes goofy,thanks,check my facebook videos and youtube page"
- J.F. 3/29/2010

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