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Giant Cloud Rat Care
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The Giant Cloud Rat is the largest species of rat in the world. I offer Northern Luzon Cloud Rats and Southern Luzon Cloud Rats, as pets as well as exhibit and breeder animals. This is a large nocturnal, arboreal rat that is very new to the pet trade, with only a few zoo's world wide rearing them as well.

I often state that the Giant Cloud Rat is the replacement for the Giant Gambian Pouched Rats which are now banned for import by the CDC, thus no longer available in the pet trade. Giant Cloud Rats are far less destructive than Pouched rats, and in my opinion a far more intriguing species. If you want a Gambian Ratů give up.. they are not available, go for the true giant ratů the Giant Cloud Rat.

Giant Cloud Rat for Sale


Cloud Rat Housing: 40" W x 40" L x 80" H or greater. Provide a sturdy hide box, and plenty of sturdy, connected non toxic branches for climbing. If you have a large cage, ensure that the braches can support the weight of the cloud rats and are connected which will lessen the likelihood of your cloud rat falling and injuring itself.


Do not allow the temperature of your enclosure to drop below 68 degrees Fahrenheit by providing supplemental heating if necessary.

Multiple animals and even family groups can normally be safely housed together, although from time to time you may have some same sex quarrels. Breeding may be more successful if you separate any other young animals away from the cage form the female that you are attempting to breed.

Provide a few inches of soft bedding to absorb urine as well as to provide your cloud rat a save place to fall if it does happen to loose it's grip and fall.

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