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Fennec Fox Care Sheet...
Price: $1500 each. Deposit required to reserve animals.
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Fennec Foxes are becoming popular pets these days. For good reason, they are good natured fun loving animals that stay tame with the proper socialization and can be kept in a small apartment to a large house. While litter training can be accomplished.. many times it is hit or miss sort of like the potty training adventures that ferret owners go through.

Housing: A large 4 story ferret or cat cage will work nicely for the Fennec Fox. Please keep in mind that you will need to let your Fennec run and play outside of its' cage as much as possible when you are able to watch it to make sure that it does not get into mischief.

Feeding: Your Fennec Fox will eat a diet consisting of Science Diet Dog Food with some 9 Lives Veal and Gravy canned cat food mixed in with some frozen veggies (thawed) mixed in. When your Fennec cub first arrives, it will be on 3 feedings a day... at 1/2 cup Science Diet Puppy Bites with 1 table spoon Veal canned cat food with 1/8tbs of thawed frozen mixed veggies at each feeding per animal. This will later be reduced to only two daily feedings as they get older.


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