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Dama Wallaby

Dama Wallaby getting used to a new holding area

Think these Dama Wallaby are cute and adorable? Just gotta have one. Please take some time to learn more about them and think hard about your ability to properly care for them. This is a major commitment.

Granted, these are tiny little animals that can be potty trained, but they may not be the happiest living in an indoor only environment. Please try to allow outdoor grazing time in a safe environment (protected from cats, cat droppings and potential predators) versus just cooping them up indoors.

I rate these second to Bennett's with pet quality. Dama's are more nervous and more delicate; in addition they will not weather cold climates as well as Bennett's. Please consider all of this before making your purchase whether from Ken's Exotics or another source.




Dama Wallaby

The Dama Wallaby (aka the Tammar or Scrub Wallaby), happens to be one of the most commonly species of Wallaby kept as pets, next to the Bennett's Wallaby. Dama Wallaby have a very friendly, albeit somewhat nervous personality. Given the proper attention from a young age, bottle fed Damas' can make great pets. They are simular to keep as to sheep, many people state that they are even easier kept than sheep.

Average lifespan is 12-18 (data on this ranges greatly) years in captivity, with moderate wintering ability and good stress tolerance, a little shy of the more common Bennett's wallaby.

Housing should be spacious (50ft x 50ft) with plenty of grazing room, shelter suitable for winter weathering and summer heat. Fencing shall be 5ft to 6ft fencing that will prevent predators such as dogs from entering the enclosure (dogs will kill your cute little Dama Wallaby), as well as preventing your Dama Wallaby from escaping from a the smallest of holes or most commonly, from pushing under the fencing to taste that greener grass that every animal seems to think lies on the other side of the fence.

Visual barriers to keep outside people and animals from stressing your Wallaby are highly recommended. Do not house your Wallaby where they will be harassed by barking or chasing dogs or teasing children. The result from the added stress frequently results in stress myopathy which will usually prove fatal for most Wallaby (this can also seem to be true in short tailed opossum to some degree, in my opinion).

Dama Wallaby can be leash trained, some sources state they can be litter trained ( I always am skeptical when told this, but hey… you can try) and can get along with other gentle animals that can play nice with small animals.


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