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Asian Clawed Otter

Asian Clawed otters are recommended as animals for exhibits and education outreach via trained performances. I can not recommend any otter species as a personal "pet", although a few have maintained a strong bond with their handler their entire life. One such case was written about in the book "Ring of Bright Water", although this was a native US species. On occasion I will offer bottle raised Asian Clawed Otter, but most of mine are parent raised. They do thrive in captivity.

Asian Clawed Otter for Sale

Recommended minimum enclosure size for Asian clawed otters is 5 foot by 6 foot, with access to a shallow pond. Take care to ensure that the enclosure can not be climbed out of. I usually tell my customers to monkey proof the enclosure to ensure that it is otter proof. They can climb very well! Proper provisions for indoor wintering should be allowed in cold climates.

The diet for Asian Clawed Otters is fairly straight forward, but some consideration to renal calculi or kidney disease needs to be taken. I feel that a low PH cat food such as offered by Science Diet ($60 per bag) to prevent or reduce the development of renal Calculi should be used in addition to daily fish and shellfish offerings.

Feedings should be offered twice daily, although 3-4 feedings would be considered acceptable. The use of live foods such as crayfish is useful in enrichment programs, keeping the otters mentally stimulated.


Vitamin Supplements Recommended are: thiamin, B, E or multivitamins.

Asian Clawed otters seem prone to teeth issues, many facilities offer weekly beef rib bones as a means of the captive otters to clean their teeth, promoting healthy tooth and gums which will minimize the chances of tooth loss.

Asian Clawed Otter are available from Ken's Exotics. I offer happy, healthy parent raised young animals. Most otter are either this years pups or last years pups.

Otter Pricing:
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