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In place of a standard cat meow, you may hear a shrill chirp come out of your Servals mouth. When showing affection, your Serval kitty will still purr, rub his head against you for affection and kneed as traditional cats will do. Some Serval will allow strangers to pet them, while others will be less interested in being social. I would of course use extreme caution when allowing a stranger to touch any exotic animal... accidents can result in the destruction of your cat... and also impact our hobby as a whole.

You can house your Serval like any other house cat, but under NO CIRCUMSTANCE DO YOU EVER LET YOUR SERVAL CAT or KITTEN HAVE FREE ROAM OUTSIDE unless it is in an escape proof kennel or run. For most people, this is common sense... for others, no matter what I preach they'll do what they want and risk the welfare of the cat and the hobby as a whole. Please use common sense, you can not let a Serval or any other wild cat run around outdoors unless on a leash accompanied by you or in a secure kennel or cat run.

During the day, when you can not watch your Serval cat or kitten, ensure that windows and doors are not left open. Make sure Screens are secured, they are fully capable of pushing them out of place. I'd hate to see you spend $4000 for a Serval only to have it get lost. Further more, I'd hate to have a pet Serval end up ran over, shot or find its way to a shelter where they may end up euthanizing it matter what your wishes are.

Servals and Children
I do not see any reason to be overly alarmed with older Children that are raised with a Serval, as long as the Serval grows up with them from a kitten. New born babies are a no-no around Serval kittens as well as any other large animal. Serval kittens will see a new born human baby as a toy, and may bite, swat or pounce on the baby (just like any other young animal could possibly do). The last thing you need is to have your new kitten drag your baby around the house like a dead mouse. If you have a newborn baby, do not have your Serval out around it unless the baby is in someone's arms and secured.. even then make sure to pay attention to what is happening. Older kids should be fine depending on how well the kids are with animals and depending on the tolerance level of the cat.

Purchasing your new pet Serval.
My pricing will vary on my Servals depending on various factors such as age, if they are parent raised breeders, bottle raised kittens, captive born imports or brought in from breeders that I work with across the globe.

I require a deposit for anyone to be placed onto my Serval waiting list, with Serval litters being born winter to spring of each year. Once the cats are available, I will contact all the prospective buyers. I will require that all funds including shipping if applicable to be paid no later than 10 days before the planned ship date. I also require this for most pick ups. In many cases this is due to the cats being produced off site and all expenses must be covered before I will release them. I will provide references to help reassure unsure buyers, in addition I have registered with a business watch dog group to allow people to call and check for complaints against me before they make an investment, but they recently notified me to stop stating this since I do not pay for their online accreditation program (use your imagination on what company I am referring to). I may pay for this accreditation in the future to test the waters to see if it really helps the public feel safer, and more comfortable with me, but in the past I had worked with using it when working with pcppowerzone and really did not see it do anything more than cost money.I would like to see a pet buyers ratings group be developed, this I would be happy pay for involvement with.

Photos are not always available, not all of my animals are produced on site or are even being housed on site. While taking a simple picture seems standard fare, I will have breeders that either are not technologically inclined enough to e-mail a photo or just plain don't want to bother with it. Once these cats are in hand I have no problem with taking a quick photo myself and e-mailing to buyers a week or so before the cat goes out. Bare with me on this, with the nature of some of the facilities it is something that I must tolerate and make due with. I will not have any breeder photograph a kitten until the kitten is old enough to exhibit the Serval traits, such as large ears, open eyes, etc. It is pointless to have them take a photo of the litter if they still look like mice, versus Serval. Usually around 4-6 weeks it is safe to take a photo,which I pass on to the buyers once the photo is taken.

What you get when you purchase your new Serval kitten:

  • Health Certificate and Crate with any shipped Serval
  • Micro chipped for $30 extra (you will then need to pay avid $15 to have the chip assigned to you)
  • Baby Blanket

Requirements for owning a Serval:

  • Set up a cat room & attach a secure dog run to the window or wall of the cat room. this is needed to help your Serval burn off excess energy, and to keep him/her safe while you are not gone. Also lessens impact of spraying to your living space.
  • You must live in a Serval legal state. If your state requires permits, get them before you call me.
  • No small children.

Serval Kitten
This is one of my bottle raised Serval kittens from a recent 2010 litter.
Yes, they are as sweet as they look, but please prepare by having a cat room
with a dog run attached to it. The people you hear bitching about their Serval experience
are people that did not prepare correctly for their cat... not to mention were probably looking
for the exotic pet flavor of the week. Hey, if I don't like you... I won't sell my Servals to you, I'm not wanting
to find any of my animals rehoused... ever.

New Batch of Serval kittens are available!
Serval kittens for Sale at $4000 with 50% deposit due to hold any kitten.
References are available for those who may be weary. And of course, I am USDA licensed. Litters are available year round! I typically have a new litter of Servals born about every 2-3 months.

Note: any Serval that is picked up on location will require the buyer to supply their own kennel for transport, a can of food will be supplied will all kittens to ensure that you can match the cats present diet, or at least the exact brand and flavor provided before hand (sometimes the airports will not allow cans to be attached to the crates).


Contact Ken Walker of Ken's Exotics: due to too many people with lack of common sense that call me at 2am, contact me via email only at : EMAIL ME AND I WILL PROVIDE MY PHONE NUMBER IN MY EMAIL.

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Serval Care Updated 1/05/12

Serval Litters offered Year Round!

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Servals weigh in at 20-40 lbs, with male Servals possibly maxing out at up to 55lbs in some rare cases(usually only wild caught males will be this big, unless the litter comes from wild caught stock like the stock that I often offer)... your Serval will be the size of a medium sized dog. Capable of reaching your kitchen countertop simply by reaching on his hind legs. Much of the height of your new Serval will be due to the cats unusually tall legs which are used to allow the cat a better view over grown native savannas.

I offer breeder pairs of unrelated Serval pairs for budding breeders, as well as weaned, bottle raised Serval kittens for pet owners. Typically, the bottle raised Serval kittens will be presold before they are born... with a deposit required to secure you on the waiting list. I require all funds to be paid by 10 days before the expected ship date of the cats to ensure all funds are free and clear before any animals leave my hands, with few exceptions. A signed invoice will be provided to show your order terms and proof that you paid for your protection.

Serval cats are a wild species of cat, frequently used to create hybrid cats called Savannah's and at times, you will see unscrupulous breeders scamming unsuspecting buyers and selling Serval kittens as high dollar premium Savannah cats. There is nothing wrong with owning a Serval as a pet, but you should know that you are buying a Serval and pay Serval prices versus having the cat misrepresented as something else to unsuspecting buyers.

First and foremost, a Serval is not a domesticated cat.. these are exotic pets, wild animals. It will exhibit behavior that is not standard house cat behavior. (an animal can be as tame as tame can be, but still not be domesticated. Domestic means that the animals genetics and behavior is controlled by man). Litter box use is not something that Serval automatically know how to use like standard house cats do. Momma Serval doesn't show her kittens how to use a litter pan, that's your job. Over time, you will train your Serval to use a litter pan but there will be plenty of accidents over time with most Servals, although some are great with using a litter box.

Serval are more prone to spray than domestic cats are, some will and some wont. Altering your pet will help reduce this but may not be 100% effective. This is something to be aware of, stock up on vinegar to clean up accidents. If occasional spraying turns you off, please do not get a Serval, the same can be said for other potty accidents.

Serval Kittens Playing

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