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FEDERAL PET BAN PROPOSED – No more Fish, Parrots, Ferrets, Reptiles and all exotic Mammals.

Unless you act now by contacting your congressman, by April 29th there will be a new ban BANNING VIRTUALLY ALL KNOWN PETS OTHER than farm animals, cats and dogs. 4/12/09

Do you like to own tropical fish, parrots, lizards, snakes, Sugar Gliders, Ferrets or other exotic animals? Bad news, there is a new bill HR669 on the table with 21 democrat and 1 independent supporters in congress which if passed, will ban ALL NON NATIVE ANIMAL SPECIES other than dogs, cats, ducks, geese, horses, cows, hogs, goats and a few others. Apparently you can own a goldfish, but that is about it… no more choice or freedom in choosing your own pets. You can see PIJAC's earlier alert on HR 669 here... [HR669 PET BAN PDF FILE]

This is the most anti animal law ever proposed, and it is on a federal level. If HR669 passes, you will not be able to own these animals, sell, breed, transport, etc without committing a federal offense. This bill hides behind the gies of exotic animals being a threat to our native wildlife and economy. If you look at your state laws, they already ban invasive species and dangerous species from being kept without special federal and state permits and government overseeing, an outright ban is uncalled for. The effect on the local and federal economy will be devastating if passed. 2/3 of Pet Smart’s shelf space is dedicated to exotics… and small pet shops depend more heavily or entirely on the sale of exotic animals and the supplies to support them to stay in business. This will have a trickle down effect to dog/cat owners by decreasing the accessibility of stores that will sell pet supplies after the retail chains shut down.

Again, this is not about Tigers and Lions (laws in place to regulate these already... just ask anyone who has tried to buy one from me... most people can not meet the requirements), this is about everyday common animals owned by millions of Americans being banned!

Please go to to easily comment to your congressman to KILL BILL HR669 before it is too late. After April 29th, it will be too late.

The direct path to fight this bill is > Legislation > Enter Bill# HR 669 > enter your zip code to automatically set your congressman contact info> type a quick message instructing your congressman to KILL this bill outright. Kill the bill, we can not let this bill be amended… it must be killed out right! If you would like to go to DC to be part of a posible large protest please let me know.

Thank you,
Ken Walker


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