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Giant Cloud Rat Care
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Cloud Rat Handling:
This is where it gets a bit interesting. You are best off not handling Cloud Rats by their tail. Cloud Rats have the ability to break of their tail similar to reptiles. You are advised to handle the Cloud Rat by grasping mid body. If you have an animal that is not very tame, be cautious to not stress the animal which can result in shock to the animal, as well… they are capable of giving a pretty hearty bite.

Northern Luzon Cloud Rat


Feeding your Cloud Rat:
You will feed your Northern Luzon Giant Cloud Rat or Southern Luzon Giant Cloud Rat mostly fresh greens such as dandelion, Chinese cabbage, grasses and clover. You can also supplement with Hay and veggies/fruits such as carrots, celery, parsley, apples, cucumber, romaine lettuce but avoid the sweeter fruits other than as rare treat. Never offer seeds or seed based diets such as Sunflower seeds. Amount of feed that will be offered with be about 270g, removing any uneaten food other than the hay and grasses which can be allowed to remain free fed.


Cloud Rat Life Span: about 13 years (not bad for a rodent)

Cloud Rat Price:
I sell Giant Cloud Rats at $2500 each or $4500 per pair.
I offer a few per year, thus it helps if you put a deposit down in advance if you are determined to own one.

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