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fennec fox breeders

(continued from Fennec Fox Care Sheet Page 1)

Fennec Fox Medical Information:

Use heartguard to protect against Heartworm and many other parasites
Fleas and ticks... use Advantage just as you would with any dog or cat.

Vaccines for Fennec: MLV for distemper (do not give a vaccine for parvo, there is not a safe vaccine for this)

Behavior: Shy, playful... always on the go. Think kitten and ferret... always on or completely off. My experience has been that they play fetch by themselves. They will pick up a small ball and throw it then chase after it. If you don't like kittens and ferrets... the Fennec is not for you

These are indoor pets, ones which will never be 100% litter trained unless you are lucky. They should be housed in a cat kennel or ferret cage when you are not home to ensure they stay out of trouble and do not run outside when you come home or push through a window screen.

Folks, if you have kids running in and out all day, a fennec will not be a good fit... they will get loose and you'll never see them again. Take a look at your house for escape routes, if a Fennec gets loose you'll probably never see it again, so plan ahead.

If you have friendly cats and dogs, your Fennec may enjoy their company. I would advise prospective Fennec Fox owners from having birds or small mammals or even snakes and lizards around them which are all fair game for chow time to a Fennec.

I've been seeing Fennec with tumors, I think much of this can be avoided by spaying females. If you are not a USDA licensed breeder then please have your exotics altered. Males will be more prone to spraying if they are not altered, although there is no guarantee they altering will prevent this. In the long run the animals and you will be happier and better off for it.

What do Fennec Fox sound like?
Fennec make a muffled barking noise which sounds like a small dog with a soar throat. When exited during play they will make a high pitch shrill whimpery noise which is rather endearing.


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