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(Exotic Pets Continued from page 2)

A few bad apples can ruin the bunch
AR groups would like the world to believe that most of the people in the hobby are abusing their pets, exotic or otherwise. While there will be unfortunate issues that happen, the fact is that most people that own exotics are going to be more inclinded to provide proper care for their pets due to the substantial research and expense involved in owning one. I've never seen an exotic animal at a pet shelter… for good reason, people usually do not buy or own them on impulse as many people tend to do with domestic pets.

As an exotic pet owner, you have a responsibility to your pet, yourself AND THE HOBBY. Keep you pet happy, healthy and safe… and never allow them to have the opportunity to come into a stranger which could result if disaster from an animal giving a simple harmless scratch in play or aggression.

Always remember that when you screw up, there are people out there that will want to use it against the hobby… so use your head. AR groups are also always pushing to get various animals banned. Whether these species relate to you or not… always take the 10 minutes to contact your state reps or involved parties to give your stance on the issue. Any animal ban is a bad thing, once one species or breed is banned it makes it that much easier to ban additional species. Everyone in the exotic pet hobby and domestic pet world are connected… we need to be responsible as well as proactive to preserve our hobby future generations to enjoy.

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