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Fight to make Domestic Skunks Legal in IL!
As many of you know, the domestic skunk has become a popular pet over the years. Many of these animals are surplus from fur farms (flawed coats), others are bred by small back yard breeders across the country. Domestic skunks make fun, gentle and captivating pets. Join the fight to make domestic skunks legal in the state of Illinois. View the video and then please go to CONGRESS.ORG to tell your lawmakers and the media ( will help you to do both) how you feel about this anti pet skunk law.


In general, exotic pet laws are based off of ignorance and fear of what people do not understand. The only way to protect our right to own domestic skunks and actual exotic pets is to voice out and let our lawmakers and the media know that we are not going to sit idle (which is what most of us do) while misguided people and animal activist groups lobby for anti exotic animal bans.

Please note, these are DOMESTICATED thus should not be classified as exotic pets. Domestic does not mean tame, it means that man and full control of the genetics of the species... which in this animal case, thanks to the fur trade, we do.

Go to for full details on how to help get this animal legal in IL

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