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Not all of us are happy with only a few choices of animals as companions. This is where exotic pets come in. Animals such as Coutimundi, Tamandu, Bush Baby, various monkeys, Sugar Gliders, Fennec Fox and so many more are common in choices for many people to share their lives with. These animals are not dangerous if properly understood, housed and cared for… not any more than any other domestic pet.

Lets face the facts folks, more people in America are killed by horses in a given year than are killed by tigers, lions and elephants in several years. Why then are horses legal in states such as Montana, when all exotics even the tiny, harmless Fennec Fox are banned? Danger is not a valid excuse to prevent the ownership of exotic pets or domestic pets… everything you do has risks, whether it is walking down the street, having sex, riding a bike or eating a cake… it is not the governments place to tell you how to live your life, nor what pets you can keep.


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